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Peerplays Witness Proposal: blockops1

I am running a witness server portfolio for Peerplays and running for witness for Peerplays. Please vote for me!

What I bring to Peerplays

I’m an experienced business owner, with the successful founding, growth, and exit of a 60 person Information Technology services company. Run 3 decent size cryptocurrency mining facilities, have a blog and youtube channel providing mining guidance.

Co-founded a cryptocurrency that is still active, Horizen (ZEN). I operate ZEN nodes in a high availability datacenter on my own hardware. My experience in data networking and security is helpful for maintaining ongoing operations.

Since 2015, I have been completely immersed in the cryptocurrency world. I earn my living by mining, working with the Horizen team, running node servers, and investing in select crypto-asset focused businesses.

I intend to continue gaining experience and working to be a leader in the crypto-asset space. I intend to be an active witness at Peerplays, working to assist in maintaining and improving the project.

What I have done for Peerplays so far

I bought as part of the initial crowdsale….and now have the opportunity to double down and contribute more 🙂

Running a node on dedicated hardware – Dell R610 servers operating in a cabinet at a high availability data center in Atlanta, GA, USA

Witness Node – Dedicated box:

1 TB mirrored SSD
12 cores

Backup Node – Dedicated box:

1 TB mirrored SSD
12 cores

Seed Node –

Vote or proxy me: blockops1

You can vote for me on my witness-name blockops1 for witness, and I would also be honored if you would delegate your proxy to me as well.

Lots more information about me on my BlockOperations mining blog and PriorityQueue business blog. Please check them out!