1. GPU Miner BIOS Settings for Asrock B250 Gaming K4 Motherboard – CoinAffairs
    September 3, 2017 @ 3:05 pm

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  2. Fahed Zarzour
    September 4, 2017 @ 8:28 am

    Dear Mr.Ralf
    I will keep saying YOU ARE THE BAST ….
    Thank you for your sharing


    • Rolf
      September 8, 2017 @ 4:29 pm

      Happy to help – I am uploading a new video now that is full of information for you.

      It should be posted here: https://youtu.be/RwoXDeoiOjg


  3. Fahed Zarzour
    September 4, 2017 @ 4:31 pm

    Dear Mr. Ralf
    I have two questions for you …

    1- You mention in your you tube video ( Bitcoin Mining at Scale ) at 29:56 about the contractor can help to do this like …….. guys ??? I just missed the name of the guys ??

    2- In the planning your Bitcoin topic — at the fans buying links (grainger) Site is down or something ..
    Could you please send me another site or company please …

    Thank you very much


  4. birdbird
    September 7, 2017 @ 8:45 pm

    my mobo won’t detect the gnu risers what seems to be the problem


    • Rolf
      September 8, 2017 @ 4:28 pm

      GPU risers are not detected – only if GPU’s are plugged into them is anything detected.


  5. King
    September 16, 2017 @ 10:49 pm

    Hi there can Asrock B250 Gaming K4 Motherboard cab run 7 simultaneously gpu using a m2 pcie adpater for the 7th gpu ? thanks 🙂


    • Rolf
      September 17, 2017 @ 11:02 am

      maybe – I have no idea. If you try it and it works let me know please.


      • Yuriy
        September 19, 2017 @ 8:50 pm

        I was intrigued by this questions as I just built this exact system following Rolf’s post. I ordered a couple of M.2 PCIE adaptors to give it a shot. Unfortunately, while you can connect a GPU to the M.2 slot using the adaptor and during EthOS GPU Detection all 7 cards during. Unfortunately, I got a kernel panic just before EthOS Desktop actually loaded.

        I wonder if this is something ASRock and/or EthOS can fix with a firmware/ software update. Or if this is a permanent hardware limitation of the board. But M2 slots support PCIe so it should work. The board even shows one of the M2 slots at PCIe 5 under EthOS (when used in conjunction with 5 other PCIe slots). Normally with 6 RX580 connected to the PCIe slots on the board, they show up in EthOS as 1-4 and 6, 7.

        I will post this on IRC to see if anyone has any ideas/ experience with this.


        • Yuriy
          September 19, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

          Sorry, rushed in editing…. * during EthOS GPU Detection all 7 cards are recognized and show up on the initial boot screen. But the system kernel panics and hangs just before loading the EthOS Desktop.


          • Rolf
            October 3, 2017 @ 4:41 pm

            Thanks for giving that a try and letting us know how it worked! I guess it’s better to get one of those boards with 13 PCI-E slots for mining with more than 6 GPU’s.

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  7. Thebird
    November 1, 2017 @ 7:37 am

    Hi Rolf
    Is there any tricks to get the asrock k4 b250 to detect GPUs via USB risers? Have fitted 2 GPUs via USB risers and tried every slot with no detection. Tried multiple gen settings in bios also. Unable to plug into gpu with monitor either, only onboard.

    GPUs work directly to the board with no risers but that’s it.

    Running Windows 10.

    Have verified the risers are not faulty on a friends rig (diff m/b)

    Cheers for any help


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