Thank you to everyone who finds the information on this site useful! There are three things that I do for free to help people become better at mining

  1. Write blog posts about crypto mining and running a mining business
  2. Make videos about mining and post them on my Crypto Mining YouTube channel
  3. Answer comments on blog posts and videos when I have a chance to.

If you have a question, please ask as a comment on a post or a comment on a YouTube video. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to answer all the questions people ask, especially the individual questions people ask me using the contact form or on forum personal messages.

I am not available for consulting or investment. I make plenty of money mining crypto-currencies and prefer having more free time over having more money. Also, I used to give tours of mining facilities. I no longer have the time to do that.

I am open to doing interviews or speaking at events. Please contact me using the form below.

If you use the contact form to ask for specific advice about your cryptocurrency questions, I probably won’t answer it.