Thank you to everyone who has read and found value in my website, videos, and blog posts. I am taking a break from posting information for a while. There is lots of interest and growth in the small and mid-size cryptocurrency mining space, and there are many more resources available now than when I first started.

Making good video and writing good blog posts, and responding to people, takes too much of my time. I want to spend more of my energy with family, friends, business partners, and the different mining ventures I am still working on.

If you are a miner, there are many different places to find information. Sometimes the best thing to do is consult with professionals like electrical and mechanical engineers, accountants, and the mining channels on Discord for many of the mineable cryptocurrencies.

If you are reaching out to me for a business opportunity, consulting, speaking engagement, or something similar, I am not interested in that now.

Thank you to everyone who finds the information on this site useful! There are three things that I used to do for free to help people become better at mining

  1. Wrote blog posts about crypto mining and running a mining business
  2. Made videos about mining and posted them on my Crypto Mining YouTube channel
  3. Answered comments on blog posts and videos when I have a chance to.

I am not available for consulting or investment. I make plenty of money mining crypto-currencies and prefer having more free time over having more money. Also, I used to give tours of mining facilities. I no longer have the time to do that.