Rolf VersluisMy son Grant and I run a small Bitcoin and Altcoin mining facility in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. We get real experience in the specifics of the daily operations required for effective and profitable mining.

Block Operations YouTube Channel

I’ve got some background that’s helpful for running an operation like this:

  • Started and led a 60 employee Information Technology sales and services organization. Focused on data networking, security, and VoIP systems.
  • Led the technical upgrade designs and deployments at 50-5000 user organizations for
    • Data networking – wired and wireless
    • Network Security
    • PBX replacements with Cisco Voice over IP phone systems
    • Server and storage systems
  • After 14 years building company, sold the IT business to a larger company.
  • Worked for Cisco Systems.
  • Worked in semiconductor industry.
  • Four years experience as a US Navy nuclear engineering officer.
  • Qualified to be Chief Engineer of US Navy nuclear propulsion plant.
  • Electrical Engineering degree from United States Naval Academy.
  • Cisco Certified and Experienced
    • CCDP – Cisco Certified Design Professional
    • CCNP Route/Switch – Cisco Certified Network Professional Route/Switch
    • CCNP Collaboration – for Enteprise VoIP certification
  • Maintain a blog about business experience called Priority Queue

Grant does a lot of the technical work at our business.

This is me on top of the submarine. It was a while ago.

This is the submarine I was on, the USS Cavalla – SSN-684

The purpose of Block Operations is to

  • Operate cryptocurrency mining facilities profitably and reliably
  • Develop and refine systems for cryptocurrency mining at scale
  • Share what we learn with the cryptocurrency mining community

miners on rack 2 x1920Affiliate link disclosure:

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