Rolf VersluisSpeaker Bio for Conferences and Interviews:

Rolf Versluis is Co-Founder and Executive Advisor of the privacy oriented cryptocurrency Horizen. He also operates a private cryptocurrency mining facility with hundreds of operational systems, and has a blog and YouTube channel on crypto mining.
For both Horizen and mining, Rolf uses his engineering background as well as management and leadership experience from running a 60 person IT company in Atlanta and as a US Navy nuclear submarine officer operating out of Hawaii.

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What I do:

Own and operate mid-size Bitcoin and Altcoin mining facilities in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.

Co-founder and Executive Advisor of Horizen, a cryptocurrency that enables public, private, and anonymous transactions, messaging, and publishing for people worldwide on a secure and reliable blockchain using bitcoin and private zk-snark technology.

I’ve got some background that’s helpful for running a mining operation, and for helping to manage a worldwide team of contributors:

  • Started and led a 60 employee Information Technology sales and services organization. Focused on data networking, security, and VoIP systems. The business was named Adcap Network Systems, Inc.
  • Led the technical upgrade designs and deployments at 50-5000 user organizations for
    • Data networking – wired and wireless
    • Network Security
    • PBX replacements with Cisco Voice over IP phone systems.
    • Server and storage systems
  • After 14 years building company, sold the IT business to a larger company.
  • Before that, worked for Cisco Systems, worked in semiconductor industry.
  • Four years experience as a US Navy Officer on a fast attack submarine based in Hawaii

Formal Education and Certifications:

  • Electrical Engineering degree from United States Naval Academy.
  • Post-graduate Nuclear Engineering Training in the classified US Navy Nuclear Program.
  • Previously qualified to be Chief Engineer of US Navy nuclear propulsion plant.
  • Cisco Certifications – CCDP, CCNP Route/Switch, CCNP Collaboration


Grant (my son) does a lot of the technical work at our mining business. The dog likes to sleep and go on walks.

This is me on top of the submarine. It was a while ago.

This is the submarine I was on, the USS Cavalla – SSN-684

The purpose of Block Operations is to

  • Operate cryptocurrency mining facilities profitably and reliably
  • Develop and refine systems for cryptocurrency mining at scale
  • Share what we learn with the cryptocurrency mining community

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