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I operate a Cardano Stake Pool

What I bring to Cardano

I’m an experienced business owner, with the successful founding, growth, and exit of a 60 person Information Technology services company. Run a decent size cryptocurrency mining facility, have a blog and youtube channel providing mining guidance.

Co-founded a cryptocurrency that is still active, Horizen (ZEN). I operate ZEN nodes in a high availability datacenter on my own hardware. My experience in data networking and security is helpful for maintaining ongoing operations.

Since 2015, I have been completely immersed in the cryptocurrency world. I earn my living by mining, working with the Horizen team, running node servers, and investing in select crypto-asset focused businesses.

I intend to continue gaining experience and working to be a leader in the crypto-asset space.

What I have done for Cardano so far

Running a node on dedicated hardware – Dell servers operating in a cabinet at a high availability data center in Atlanta, GA, USA

Cardano Nodes operate on my own hardware – Dedicated box:

128 GB RAM
1 TB mirrored SSD
12 cores

Lots more information about me on my BlockOperations mining blog and PriorityQueue business blog. Please check them out!